vintage = green and Cajun = fun

vintage = green
Cajun = fun

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

why people blog...

People write blogs to tell the world about stuff.   Whether it's about the blogger's life or opinions or other things they want you to know, things they like or don't like, places they visit and things they buy...or wish they could.....   I believe all blogs are essentially about people saying, "Hey, this is important stuff!"  And...pretty often, "Hey, look at me!"

And that's pretty cool. 

So read my blog, people.   This is important stuff!  And come look at me!

Vintage is *green* - hands down, buying vintage is the best thing you can do to "reduce your carbon footprint."  And don't we all want to....or need that these days? 

Vintage is nostalgia come to life - a memory you can actually hold in your hand, rather than confining it to your heart and mind.

And vintage stuff is just uber cool.

Oh, and my Cajun and south Louisiana-related posts will be nothing to sneeze at - trust me.   : )  Some will erase the myths that surround us....others will perpetuate it!    Names will be changed to protect the innocent....and not so innocent.

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