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Cajun = fun

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Friday, August 13, 2010

changing my online shop name...and some Cajun vocabulary words...

One of my online vintage shops on Etsy - menzocollection - has been renamed:  The Home Repeated by menzo.   So this is the new banner you see when you visit the shop.

And my new avatar is the same one I use for this blog.

Since we don't have a feature on Etsy (yet!) that let's us change our existing name, this is my interim solution.  I still have to say "by menzo" somewhere in there to cut down on confusion...since search engines will continue to show my shop name as menzocollection. 

My milkglassandmetal shop is still a separate vintage store. 

So come visit.    And fix ya a plate!   : ) 

Those are a couple of Cajunisms for you...I'll be teaching Cajun vocabulary words and phrases here also.  Many are standard French words.  Some are not.  And even the standard ones are often prounounced differently in south Louisiana.

And I must start with:

chère = dear
We pronounce it in shabby.  And we say it loud.

envie = envy
Cajun pronunciation: awww-vee.  We use it to mean a craving.  We get a lot of those.

mais = but
Prounounced: in Mary.    
A great all-purpose word.  We use it as the equivalent of "well" or "of course" as a 1st word in a sentence, with the word "me" being the last one.  It's often accompanied by interesting body language for emphasis, especially when used by itself in response to the ridiculous thing someone else just said (a sort of "are you crazy?" reply).

Hence (grammer usage intended...if I included our phonetics for some words, you probably wouldn't be able to decipher them):

"Mais, SHA, I got the envie for a snowball yeah, me.  Come ride uptown wit-me.  We gone get us a pink lady.  Or maybe I feel like a tiger blood."
And on the 2nd day...we usually have an envie for some refreshments from our drive-thru daquiri shops...which offer many more choices than daquiris. 

My choice is called *Painkiller.*   It's quite tasty...and eliminates all aches that precede the drinking of it.