vintage = green and Cajun = fun

vintage = green
Cajun = fun

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

so i want to be a blogger...

Okay, let's get this blog started! I've wanted to start a blog for awhile now, but I just couldn't settle on a name for it.

This is meant as an extension of my vintage Etsy stores (yes, 2 of them currently), but I hope it will be much more than that. Well, it will take you along on some of my exploits in doing the hunting and gathering for my shops. You just gotta share some of the craziness sometimes!

I'll also make this blog about decorating with vintage. And exploring all the other things people out there are doing with the fabulous products of the past.

I love deco...mid-century...and, of course, the fab 1970s of my childhood. Everyone needs a dash of groovy in their life.

Our home itself is an antique - what is known as a Queen Anne-Victorian and built in 1910. So it is decorated with more *traditional* antiques...dark woods and such. We also own a post-WWII, cottage-style home in my small hometown in southeast Louisiana. That's our home for playing every now and then. Cuz we Cajuns sure know how to play! I call it the Queen's Country Estate. My life-long friends call it my camp. And if you knew what most south Louisiana camps were like, you'd appreciate how funny that is!

Speaking of my Cajun brethren...this blog will have some of our exploits, too. At least the ones that are printable! Quite appropriate, I think, since *home* is the dominant factor in all we do...especially having a blast at someone else's.

So come have a big (and I mean big!) bowl of chicken and sausage gumbo...and leave room for the potato salad.

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  1. Okay, I don't care if it's weird to comment on my own blog...I just don't want my 1st post to be hanging out there looking all lonely and stuff. :)