vintage = green and Cajun = fun

vintage = green
Cajun = fun

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The Home Repeated by menzo and milkglassandmetal

Thursday, June 24, 2010

HelpTheGulfCoast store update...

The HelpTheGulfCoast store on Etsy now has 449 sales!  Yay!   Open only since June 4, so that's pretty impressive.

Visit. Browse. Buy.

: )

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

why people blog...

People write blogs to tell the world about stuff.   Whether it's about the blogger's life or opinions or other things they want you to know, things they like or don't like, places they visit and things they buy...or wish they could.....   I believe all blogs are essentially about people saying, "Hey, this is important stuff!"  And...pretty often, "Hey, look at me!"

And that's pretty cool. 

So read my blog, people.   This is important stuff!  And come look at me!

Vintage is *green* - hands down, buying vintage is the best thing you can do to "reduce your carbon footprint."  And don't we all want to....or need that these days? 

Vintage is nostalgia come to life - a memory you can actually hold in your hand, rather than confining it to your heart and mind.

And vintage stuff is just uber cool.

Oh, and my Cajun and south Louisiana-related posts will be nothing to sneeze at - trust me.   : )  Some will erase the myths that surround us....others will perpetuate it!    Names will be changed to protect the innocent....and not so innocent.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

my fabulous new Pelican prints...

So my last post told all y'all about the HelpTheGulfCoast store on Etsy.  (And *all y'all* is proper Cajun grammar.  Trust me.)

Well, I just have to show off what I bought there! 

Actually, I bought 3 of them.   : )    

I couldn't wait to get my art prints in the mail.  And I love, love, love them!  I knew I would....I bought one of Kate's prints before from her flapperdoodle Etsy store.  Her *doodles* are just exquisite!   And her designs are so stylish and modern.   And who doesn't absolutely love flapper Eloise?! 

Since Kate is the brainchild behind the HelpTheGulfCoast store, I was especially happy to buy one of her donated items.  I went to the store looking for pelicans.  And I am tickled pink to find one in the arms of Eloise.   : )

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Etsy store:

Well, we all know about the BP oil spill...and the tragedy in the Gulf Coast Region that is still unfolding.

Grand Isle, Louisiana - the beach of my childhood (it's the only one we have!)

La. Dept of CRT photo

Port Fourchon, Louisiana - it's where Louisianians fish.   Period.

The Greater Lafourche Port Commission photo

the Brown Pelican - our State Bird....and the only thing on our State Flag

Public domain

National Park Service photo by Rodney Cammauf: Everglades Wildlife Images


AP Photo - Gerald Herbert

Needless to say, I'm taking this personally. And so is everyone else there.

If you haven't already browsed the (aptly-named) Etsy store HelpTheGulfCoast - please do so.

It has been open for 12 days and 273 items have already sold. Please consider adding to the *sold* number.

As the name implies, its mission is to donate 100% of all the revenue it earns to helping with relief efforts in the region. See the store for more details: HelpTheGulfCoast

$1,000 has been donated to Oxfam America thus far - it's Gulf Coast Oil Spill Response Fund.

The store opened for business on June 4, thanks to the incredible efforts of Kate of flapperdoodle fame.  : )   A number of others are now involved in managing it.

A slew of us Etsy sellers have donated items to the cause - see the list on the Profile page. Vintage, handmade and supplies, so there's something for everyone!

And buyers within the US pay no shipping cost - it's paid by the donor.

I donated 2 vintage items - the pill box has sold, but the little marble box is still available - $14 and free shipping.

So please....

Visit. Browse. Buy.

And thank you!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

so why a shop and a blog called the home repeated...

Because it's about antique and vintage things.

Because most of the things in my shop and this blog relate to the home.

Because using them means they're being used again.

Because one definition of the word *repeated* is "to experience again."

Because those of us who love vintage are often motivated by the nostalgia of our childhood past, and we want to experience those comforts of home once again.

Because I really am repeating my childhood home again...since my other house is literally right next door to the house I grew up in.

Because I think it's just a very cool and awesome name!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

the coolest item in my Etsy shops...

If I decided to keep any one item from each of my 2 Etsy shops...

groovy Coca-Cola glasses from menzocollection


a solid brass, damascene box from milkglassandmetal

The Coke glasses are just so 1970s mod fantastic! The grooviest.

The brass trinket box has a gorgeous damascene design on its cover, which is an inlay technique.

Aren't they fabulous?

about those 2 Etsy vintage shops...

I started menzocollection in May 2009, and milkglassandmetal a few months later in September.

I've created an Etsy shop for the home repeated since Etsy doesn't have the function yet that would allow us to change our existing shop name and username.

But dilemma, dilemma...I'm trying to decide whether to start stocking the new shop, or just start using the new name in my menzocollection shop while waiting with fingers crossed for Etsy to rollout the promised name change function. I'm leaning heavily towards option 2, but seeing both names in my shop will certainly lead to a bit of head-scratching.

about that house in my hometown...

It's a cottage-style house that was built in the mid-1940s - 900 square feet total. A front porch, of course. A screened back porch, of course. And an old, swinging screen door on each. It still has a little ways to go before I can post before and after photos. Designers are right - it's amazing what paint can do to a place! And I'm sure my sister would concur....since she and I were the ones who painstakingly applied 10 thousand coats of it!

My husband and I bought it almost 3 years ago (Sep 2007). A very cool history to it. It had only 1 owner before we bought it. It's right next door to the shotgun-style house I grew up in...and my brother still lives in that house we grew up in. So my older brother is about 20 steps away from my back door, which makes for some of those crazy things I mentioned in my last post.

Mrs. A's house (that's mine) sat empty for the last 10 years of her life, since she lived in a retirement home during those years. I hope I'll live to be 98 like she did! I have a lot of great memories of growing up next door to Mrs. A. My hometown is also the sort of place where most people who were born there still live I'm not the only one on our street with long-term memories of Mrs. A. Her backyard was our football field and baseball field. Never in a million years did I ever think I would own the house one day! You know the best thing about it - when I'm there now, standing by the screen door on the back porch...or sitting on Mrs. A's rocking chair on the front porch...I see the same exact view I saw from my house growing up...just shifted over about 20 feet.


Since the house was built in the mid-1940s, and it's in my hometown, it was just crying out for a 50s to 70s era decor. You know, the way it looked when I was a kid. Hence, my transition from antiques to all things vintage. And I started buying, and buying, and buying vintage...much more than I had ever bought antiques.

Now I cannot stop. And I've wanted to own an antiques shop since I was a kid.

So I have 2 Etsy vintage shops -

Yet this blog is called....the home repeated. That's because I want to use that name from now on. menzocollection is a combo of my toddler's and doggie's names, but it's not the most descriptive of names for selling vintage home goods.

so i want to be a blogger...

Okay, let's get this blog started! I've wanted to start a blog for awhile now, but I just couldn't settle on a name for it.

This is meant as an extension of my vintage Etsy stores (yes, 2 of them currently), but I hope it will be much more than that. Well, it will take you along on some of my exploits in doing the hunting and gathering for my shops. You just gotta share some of the craziness sometimes!

I'll also make this blog about decorating with vintage. And exploring all the other things people out there are doing with the fabulous products of the past.

I love deco...mid-century...and, of course, the fab 1970s of my childhood. Everyone needs a dash of groovy in their life.

Our home itself is an antique - what is known as a Queen Anne-Victorian and built in 1910. So it is decorated with more *traditional* antiques...dark woods and such. We also own a post-WWII, cottage-style home in my small hometown in southeast Louisiana. That's our home for playing every now and then. Cuz we Cajuns sure know how to play! I call it the Queen's Country Estate. My life-long friends call it my camp. And if you knew what most south Louisiana camps were like, you'd appreciate how funny that is!

Speaking of my Cajun brethren...this blog will have some of our exploits, too. At least the ones that are printable! Quite appropriate, I think, since *home* is the dominant factor in all we do...especially having a blast at someone else's.

So come have a big (and I mean big!) bowl of chicken and sausage gumbo...and leave room for the potato salad.