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vintage = green
Cajun = fun

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

my other house in my Lousiana hometown...

Remember that house I blogged about?  It's right next door to my childhood home.  We're almost finished with the remodel, so here's the big reveal.

Just kidding. 

Here's my other house.

Okay, so it wasn't much to look at 3 years ago since it was boarded up for 10 years.  It looks a lot better now, trust me.  That's a photo just before we bought it - it still had boards on all the windows.  But it was in fantastic shape structurally, so most of the remodel was cosmetic changes (read:  lots and lots and lots of paint).  My childhood home sits next door to the right when you're looking at our house from this vantage point.

Here are before and after photos of the bathroom.  Those original, pink walls are not tile...just panels made out of some sort of plastic or something.



All it took was a refinished tub (a huge, Art Deco cast iron thing), a new toilet, new vinyl flooring (that cost 59 cents a square foot!), panels of beadboard nailed over the existing walls and new fixtures.   Our Mr. Fix-It is a neighbor friend who I knew in high school - a reason to love small hometowns!

I'll post more before and after photos once we have done the final touches - this Fall, I hope!  

Oh, and that 1st photo above?  It's actually a photo of one of the fabulous homes in Vermillionville in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Now that's my idea of the perfect Cajun cottage. 

Vermillionville is pretty much the Cajun version of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.  It depicts the typical life those French Acadian and Creole ancestors of ours led in south Louisiana between 1765 and 1890.  The Acadians arrived after Le Grand Dérangement in 1755 - that's when the British kicked us out of Nova Scotia.  Don't worry, I forgive y'all.   : )

Here are additional photos of the ones I took at Vermillionville a few weeks ago.  That's my little one walking with his dad.  Y'all should pay it a visit sometime.  I highly recommend that you come "pass a good time" at the Cajun dance on Sundays...where the locals will show you how it's done!


  1. Can't wait to see the rest of the house!

  2. Thanks! It's no longer that color, that's for sure. : )

  3. Hi, I just found your blog by accident and it's great! One question, you nailed beadboard over that existing tile? That's possible?!